living walls 

for a greener world

We have developed a vertical garden system that allows us to integrate nature into buildings and to create green cities based on research and experiments. 

From concept and design, we create and implement commercial and residential  vertical garden project

VERTEX is a unique vertical garden fabric that is used in our green roof projects and urban farms. Our system dramatically improves storm water management.

What We Are All About 


ORgANIK gRAFFITI specializes in vertical garden solutions with a primary focus on a green and sustainable future. Vertical gardens transform and positively effect all environments. We enrich indoor and outdoor spaces by installing self-maintained vertical gardens with an array of benefits for your home, business, for beautification or farming.

Design Team is led by innovator and designer Kristufah Whippy who boasts an unparalleled ability to visualize space and develop superior designs while preserving maximum structure and system efficiency. 

Our Engineering and Operations teams undertake the obligations for producing vertical garden systems and technology; leading innovation and growth for vertical gardens in North America. 


Kristufah Whippy

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