El Armador Casa Palacio

Calle Ancha, 7, 11001 Cádiz, Spain

Explaining the hotel El Armador Casa Palacio project involves explaining a little bit more about our partners Terapia Urbana located in Seville, Spain. In the vertical garden industry there are few growing mediums that are top tier, The Fytotextile® system is one of them. Patented by the University of Seville, the system consists of flexible multi-layer modules that are connected to a metallic framework and can be fixed to the wall. The modules consist of a matrix of pockets for plants of the living wall, facilitating life and development.

The system allows to check the watering line easily making maintenance simple. Fytotextile® suits vertical garden systems of medium and large size.

There has been 8,000 m2 of Fytotextile® system installed since 2012 around the world - all of which is still living, sustainably.

What the guests have said:

"the 'living wall' is stunning." - JUF/BG

"had a quirky and pleasant old fashioned Spanish feel." - Mac

"lovely and very well maintained." - Elishema

"stunning and luxurious" - Dee

"great foyer with living wall.[translated]" - oenogalo

"feelings like you are at home." - the lonely man

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