Growing Up

Vertical gardening goes against the norm, the usual way of doing things. So why should you plant up? Flat, horizontal gardening is boring, liven up your garden with vertical growth.

Vertical gardening looks cool. Fun and interesting to look at, they can double as artwork or home decor on a bare wall, inside or out. Whether you’re creating a green wall or simply growing herbs in your kitchen, a vertical garden adds a new element to your space.

Grow more in a small space. The most practical of all the advantages of vertical gardening is that it allows homeowners and renters to display plants where they might otherwise not have the space. Urban farmers typically have limited growing space to work with. In this case, vertical gardening is their only option if they want to grow food. Even the smallest spaces, like a balcony, can be maximized with vertical growing.

Multi-functional. Use vertical gardens to fill open spaces or create a privacy shield. If you use a trellis, fence, or wall for your vertical garden you can use it to hide something unsightly, like that big AC unit behind the house. Vertical gardens have many uses. Sure, you can get creative arranging plants in beds, but add another layer of creativity as you figure out how to grow up.

Grow healthier plants. Plants in the vertical space creates airflow and cleans the air. Being above the soil also protects your plants from soil-borne pests and diseases, like fungal and bacterial infections. Having a vertical garden inside your home or business can provide great health benefits. See why.

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